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Unique & Unusual Cut Flowers

From weird shapes, unusual markings like spots and stripes, we always have something oddly wonderful in our flower cooler. 
Banksia Flower unusual

1. Banksia

Hailing from the land down-under, this Australian flower has a huge cone-like flower measuring the size of a man's hand from the wrist up to the tips of the fingers. (About 7 inches!) With sharp narrow leaves that are up to 11" long. Colors are mainly orange, red, yellow.

Vase life: good to very good for Banksia, usually 10-20 days.

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Kangaroo paw unusual flower

2. Kangaroo Paw - Anigozanthos flavidus

Kangaroo Paws are another unique flower from Australia. The stems come from an evergreen perennial native to Australia that is leafless. The colors that the flowers come in are yellow, red/green, and orange.It's sometimes called the Sword Lily.

Vase life: average to good, 7-14 days usually.

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sea holly

3. Sea Holly - Eryngium planum

A sea-side growing perennial flower with leathery and spiny leaves that act like thistle. Their purple and silver tones are stunning. Sea Holly's cone-shaped flowers heads are deep blue or purple. It was originally grown in Asia and Europe.

Vase life: average to good, usually 7-14 days.

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wedding flower unusual

4. Hanging Amaranthus

Made popular in vases because of the way it spills over the sides towards the ground. It comes in green or red. It seems that we get many requests from brides to include these in with their bouquets. We also think it looks amazing for Christmas centerpieces and arrangements on a mantle.

Vase life: average to good, 7-14 days


Abracadabra Rose

5. Abracadabra Rose 

Poof! It's beauty is sure to mesmerize.

The Abracadabra rose may be small in size, but it's petals with their yellow striping are like magic. Get some Abracadabra roses in your flower bouquet for a beautifully arrangement.


6. Billy Balls - Craspedia globosa

Also sometimes referred to as drumsticks or billy buttons.

These playful stems of Craspedia globosa (drumsticks) are usually grown from seed in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. The leafless stem with it's yellow roundish head is used in flower arrangements to add points of interest and a touch of humor. The flower heads have no distinctive fragrance or scent & are great for drying.

Vase life: good, usually 8-14 days.


7. Lady's Slipper Orchid - Paphoipedilum cultivars

Slipper Orchids are perrenials with strap-shaped leaves arranged in two ranks. The distinctive flowers are often solitary. The petals of the flowers have beautiful stripes and spots. 

Vase life: great, 15-25 days


Black Beauty Rose

8. Black Beauty Rose 

Like Black cherry velvet. People can't help but touch it's luxurious rich dark petals. They are so sensual. One of our most popular rose varieties for it's color and look.


Pincushion protea image

9. Pincushion Protea

A very unusual looking flower that hails from the coastal mountain regions of South Africa & Australia.

The Pincushion Protea flower has a rounded head of springy, firm non-sharp hooks curling upright. Giving it the appearance and name Pincushion. It comes in colors of red, peach/coral, and yellow.

The flowers are prized not only for their unique look, but also because they last for a very long tome in a vase.

Fun Fact:
Pincushion Protea requires the smoke from a fire in order to germinate their seed.