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Small Mom & Pop Owned Florist in Blaine, MN. Open Over 40 years

Ordering From Our Small Family-run Flower Shop

  • Place your order by phone (763) 784-2532 or (763)-784-8798
  • We are a small shop, only 3 dedicated employees, we are blunt, it saves time. 
  • Know that we're going to make you look good!

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Florist's Choice Flower Bouquet

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Florist Choice Flower Arrangments

Our Florist Choice Bouquet is our easiest, yet most impeccable choice yet! Our expert flower designer will hand-make an arrangement with the latest seasonal flowers that fits your needs - all for an affordable price! It's a win-win. The size of the arrangement is a medium-size arrangement. Perfect for a table-top.

Flower Ordering FAQ's

Do I Pick A Photo From Your Website & You Make It?

We can. But we prefer designing flower arrangements that aren't exact copies of our past work. We are artists.

Can I Place My Flower Order Through Email?

Not at this time. We aren't that tech-savy yet, new wes site in under construction.

Can I Email Your Flower Shop At All???

Yes. You can also send a text to confirm you order request for speedy response to 612-867-9808. Email Us

Eeeeeeek! You want me to trust that your shop will make it beautiful?

Yes. Because for over 40 years we've been flower artists who hand-make each flower arrangement. No two are exactly alike.

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