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Green House Plants

We can get in any plant you want or need. From tropical rainforest plants to locally grown plants for your home. We love green plants! Contact us today, many plants we carry in stock in our flower shop, but if we don't have something, we can usually get it in stock in a few days. We also provide delivery if you need it.

Purify Your Home's Air With Plants

Did you know that NASA studied green plants in an effort to find the one's that purify the air the best with low light sources?

The study says a 2000 square foot house ought to have seven 6" potted green house plants to purify the air.

The study was helmed by Dr. B.C. Wolverton. His team of NASA scientists concluded that these green house plants yield the most in purifying the air while living in low light situations.

Read on to see the list of plants...

In the video above, Kamal Meattle talks about how to grow your own fresh air

Air Purifying Plants

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