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Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts

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Corsages and Wrist Corsages

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Special One-Of-A-Kind Flower Arrangements

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Your one stop shop for Mother's Day flowers and gifts. Whether you want flowers delivered to you mom or you want to pick them up and bring them yourself, we have special arrangements for her. 
We are tiny local shop with sassy one-of-a-kind arrangements. 
(If you're looking for dull & unexciting, go somewhere else.) 

What's something that your loved one likes? Could it be put into an arrangement? We bet it can.

We use all kinds of stuff from books, to packs of blueberries, and even high heeled shoes & wine bottles. We love making mother's day baskets too.
Call us today and order an arrangement that screams of personality for your mom.
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Double Basket
Order your mother a basket with a blooming plant & a green house plant.


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Of course Mom will tell you that being loved by her family is all she could ever need or require on Mother's Day. Great to know that Mom's consistent!

But the fact remains, this is the one day of year to celebrate Mom officially, so let's make sure it is an enjoyable and memorable occasion for her!

Give a Gift Based on Hobby or Interests

Since being practical has become an essential for many of us, why give a gift just for the sake of giving? Who wants a gift that may never be used? Buy instead based on what they like to do, be it crafts, fishing, reading, cooking, baking and so on.

Gifts that satisfy their interests mean so much more. Theme gifts are appreciated and enjoyed - they'll also thank you for it, over and over again.

Give A Gift Basket

Fill it up with theme items.

For the Tea Lover: Include two mugs, three varieties of tea and a jar of honey.

For the Baker: Include some new cookie cutters, sprinkles, a special spatula, and icing tubes.
The ideas are endless!

For the Salad Lover: Salad tongs or servers, cheese grater, wave slicer, egg slicer, small bottle of olive oil, flavored vinegar, pouches of dressing mix or seasonings, napkins, and 2 to 4 salad bowls.

Add Flowers

Of course flowers make a great stand-alone gift. But flowers can be added to any gift you give. Especially gift baskets.

We love adding in a little vase of fresh flowers in a gift basket, it makes it so special and unique.

See our selection of Mother's Day Flowers

Classic Idea

A lovely thing to do is to get Mom a corsage to wear all day on Mother's Day.

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